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Political Prisoner Says Guards Beat Him, Refused Him Medicine The Tajik government should immediately and unconditionally release a seriously ill political activist who says he has...

IPHR and Association for Human Rights in Central Asia made a joint submission on Uzbekistan to the United Nations Committee against Torture (CAT) to provide input into the Committee’s preparation of the List of Issues that is scheduled to take place in April/May 2019.

Ongoing state surveillance and restrictions on freedoms of information and expression imposed by the authorities continue to be a cause of concern. The government passed a resolution that mandates government agencies to block internet and communications networks in a situation of “state of emergency...

During the reporting period, the economic crisis deepened in Turkmenistan, with residents forced to stand in line to buy bread and other necessities...

Following the Euromaidan Revolution in 2013, Ukraine has undertaken widespread reforms in the areas of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and overall, civil society groups have enjoyed more freedom...
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