Analytical Report #11: 2 June – 30 June 2022

International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR) publishes the new analysis in a series of publications presenting evidence of war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law committed by the Russian Federation during its campaign of military aggression against Ukraine, prepared jointly by IPHR and Truth Hounds.

Russian occupying forces continue a massive grain theft campaign in southern and eastern occupied Ukrainian territories having already stolen 400 tons of grain. There are new credible reports of at least 1 million 200 thousands Ukrainians forcefully displaced to Russia from occupied Ukrainian territories and 20 Russian filtration camps and de-facto prisons for displaced Ukrainians in occupied Donbas territories. Russian continues relentless shelling of civilian infrastructure all over Ukraine. It has already resulted in more than 4000 civilian deaths. There were new recorded instances of sexual violence, torture, executions of civilians and taking hostages in occupied territories; namely in deoccupied Kyiv Oblast and Chernihiv Oblast, and in occupied Kherson Oblast.

During the reporting period, we documented the following war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law that were committed by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: (1) Torture and wilful killings; (2) Sexual violence; (3) Attacks on civilian objects; (4) Attacks on specially protected objects; (5) Impeding humanitarian relief and evacuation efforts; (6) Filtration camps and other cases of unlawful transfer and confinement; (7) Pillage, mass destruction and appropriation of property; (8) Taking hostages and enforced disappearances.

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