Azerbaijan: 51 political prisoners released during Novruz celebrations

@ human rights club

On 16 March 2019, 51 political prisoners were released from prison following a pardon issued by the President of Azerbaijan in relation to the Novruz celebrations. While International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR) and Human Rights Club welcome the releases as a positive development, we maintain that these individuals should have never been detained and prosecuted. Many of them are journalists, bloggers or youth activities who were imprisoned after peacefully exercising their constitutional rights (see the full list of released political prisoners below). It is now of utmost importance that the recently released individuals are given the opportunity to appeal the criminal convictions against them in a fair and transparent process and to clear their names.

IPHR and Human Rights Club regret that several dozen political prisoners still remain behind bars, including Afghan Mukhtarli, Seymur Hezi, Fuad Ahmadli, Araz Guliyev, Elchin Ismayilli, Ziya Asadli, Aliabbas Rustamov. We call on the Azerbaijani authorities to release all political prisoners immediately and unconditionally, and drop the politically-motivated charges against them.

Please find here a detailed briefing on fundamental rights in Azerbaijan

The political prisoners released on 16 March 2019 (for more details please see here):

  1. Ilkin Rustamzade (NIDA activist);
  2. Giyas Ibrahimov (imprisoned for graffiti);
  3. Bayram Mammadov (imprisoned for graffiti );
  4. Gozal Bayramli (Azerbaijan Popular Front Party);
  5. Fuad Gahramali ((Azerbaijan Popular Front Party);
  6. Rufat Safarov (former prosecutor);
  7. Elgiz Gahraman (NIDA activist);
  8. Ali Insanov (former minister of health);
  9. Vasif Ibrahimov  (2013 Ismayilli protests);
  10. Murad Adilov (brother of Natig Adilov, Azadliq newspaper journalist based in France);
  11. Rashad Ramazanov (blogger);
  12. Nijat Aliyev (journalist);
  13. Fikret Faramazoghlu (journalist);
  14. Tofig Hasanli (satiric writer);
  15. Alikram Khurshidov (Musavat party);
  16. Latif Ahmadov (2015 Nardaran events);
  17. Ramil Aliyev (2015 Nardaran events);
  18. Seymur Aslanov (2015 Nardaran events);
  19. Zulfugar Mikayilov (2015 Nardaran events);
  20. Ruzi Ismayilov (2015 Nardaran events);
  21. Elman Aghayev (2015 Nardaran events);
  22. Ali Huseynov (2015 Nardaran events);
  23. Elkhan Hasanov (2015 Nardaran events);
  24. Sahib Habibov (2015 Nardaran events);
  25. Elvin Nasirov (religious activist);
  26. Jeyhun Safarli (religious activist);
  27. Elimkhan Huseynov (religious activist);
  28. Ilgar Khalilov (2015 Mingachevir protests);
  29. Dilgam Mahmudzade (2015 Mingachevir protests);
  30. Ilkin Abdullayev (2015 Mingachevir protests);
  31. Talib Aghamaliyev (2016 Siyazan protests);
  32. Kamran Abdullayev (2016 Siyazan protests);
  33. Nizami Ganiyev (2016 Siyazan protests);
  34. Zaur Shakarov (2016 Siyazan protests);
  35. Abasat Suleymanov (2016 Siyazan protests);
  36. Muslum Azimov (2016 Siyazan protests);
  37. Joshgun Baghishov (2016 Siyazan protests);
  38. Fariz Karimov (2016 Siyazan protests);
  39. Namig Mastanov (2016 Siyazan protests);
  40. Elchin Aliyev (2016 Siyazan protests);
  41. Elnur Seyidov (close relative of Ali Karimli, head of the Azerbaijan Popular Fron Party);
  42. Mubariz Abdullayev (cousin of Elshad Abdullayev, political emigrant);
  43. Rashad Aliyev (group of Said Dadashbeyli);
  44. Farid Aghayev (group of Said Dadashbeyli);
  45. Samir Gojayev (group of Said Dadashbeyli);
  46. Rasim Karimov (group of Said Dadashbeyli);
  47. Baybala Guliyev (group of Said Dadashbeyli);
  48. Khalid Kazimov (religious activist);
  49. Gorkhmaz Jamalov (religious activist);
  50. Elvin Bunyadov (2015 Nardaran events);
  51. Rasim Jabrayilov (2015 Nardaran events).

PDF version of the list is available here.