Call for volunteer support: Collecting, verifying, and organising open-source evidence on human rights violations in Kazakhstan

Truth Hounds and International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR) are looking for volunteers who will support our efforts aimed at collecting, verifying, and archiving open source evidence of mass human rights violations and acts of violence by protestors  in Kazakhstan.

We are looking in particular for audio/visual evidence of human rights abuses related to the events which took place in the country in early January. Videos and other such materials can be submitted to us under full anonymity.

Welcome to apply are individuals who speak Russian and/or Kazakh, have basic computer skills, access to the internet, and can contribute a couple of hours per day to ensuring accountability for human rights violations in Kazakhstan. You can contribute to the project from any location, as long as you have a computer with internet access.

We anticipate that volunteer contributions will be needed for at least 12 weeks.

How will the collected evidence be used?

We plan to use the collected evidence to shed light on the systemic and widespread nature of abuses by law enforcement agents in Kazakhstan, as well as the incidents of violence by protestors against law enforcement officials and civilians. In the short term, collected evidence will be used for advocacy purposes. In the longer term, we hope that this evidence will be used in court to prosecute the perpetrators of grave crimes and human rights abuses.

Will there be training for volunteers?

Truth Hounds and IPHR will provide basic instruction and on-the job-coaching for all interested volunteers. You will learn how to work with open-source evidence, including identifying, verifying, downloading, and archiving of photos/videos and other types of open-source data.

We will provide you with the practical tools that you will be using throughout the research process and your work will be supervised by experienced researchers.

Where can I apply?

If you are enthusiastic about this project and have the necessary skills, please write to:

Please refer to this pdf for additional background information.