FIFA: PLAY FAIR! Fight for the forgotten: Campaign in support of political prisoners

© Greens/EFA
In cooperation with IPHR partner, MEMORIAL Human Rights Centre Russia, the Greens/EFA group of the European Parliament prepared a map of Russia to draw attention to the situation of political prisoners and to name the victims of state repression. The campaign includes a list of political prisoners and an open petition to FIFA which we encourage fans to sign during the World Cup.
Rebecca Harms, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and expert on Russia and Eastern Europe:

“We are looking forward to many exciting games and hope fans will enjoy the tournaments. Nevertheless, FIFA’s decision to choose Russia and Qatar as host countries for the World Cup was wrong. Therefore, we want to use the momentum of attention and shed light onto the dire human rights situation in Russia and inform about the more than 150 political prisoners, among them many Ukrainians, kept behind bars all over Russia. Please sign, share and spread the petition and urge FIFA to call for their release and fight for the freedom of all those unjustly imprisoned.”

You can find the link to the campaign and sign the petition here.