Global CIVICUS Monitor report published

Today, the CIVICUS Monitor has released its annual, global report People Power Under Attack 2020, which examines trends in civic space across the world. The report is based on the findings of updates prepared by CIVICUS Monitor research partners, including International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR) and its Central Asian partners during the past year. The report highlights the serious, ongoing threats to civic space in the Central Asian countries, with the COVID-19 pandemic being used as a pretext to impose further restrictions.

The chapter on Europe and Central Asia in People Power Under Attack 2020 is available here:

For more information on developments in Central Asia, see the more than a dozen updates that IPHR and its partners have compiled for the CIVICUS Monitor in the past year:

The CIVICUS Monitor is a unique global initiative, which tracks, analyses, and rates civic space in 196 countries across the world based on independent civil society information.