Human Rights in Ukraine Newsletter, Issue No. 1, March 2015

Since the mass pro-European protests in Kyiv led to toppling of the former government in February 2014, occupation of the Crimean peninsula by Russian armed forces in March 2014 and the onset of military conflict in the east of the country in April 2014, Ukraine has plunged into full humanitarian crisis with reported civilian deaths and injuries, acts of sexual violence, torture, abduction for ransom and forced labor. International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR) mission team in Ukraine documents the acts of violence that may constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity as the situation on the ground evolves. The latest developments are presented in the monthly issue of the IPHR newsletter.

The first issue of the newsletter covers the following issues:

Overview of IPHR-coordinated project on documenting ICC crimes in eastern Ukraine
Mission report findings on deadly Volnovakha incident
Mission report findings on indiscriminate shelling of Mariupol
Interview with Ukrainian human rights advocate Taras Hatalyak on seeking accountability for human rights violations perpetrated during Maidan