Season’s Greetings

Dear Readers and Friends,

We wish you Happy Holidays and a Rewarding New Year 2014!

Light a candle
(lyrics from the Norwegian Christmas song “Tenn lys” by Eyvind Skeie and Sigvald Tveit)

Light a candle! One candle will burn for this little earth.
The shiny star in heaven, where we all live.
May all share the hope, so good things can happen.
May earth and heaven meet. A candle is lit for that.

Light a candle! Two lights will shine for love and faith.
For those who care and always reconcile.
May prisoners have their freedom and refugees a home.
Light a candle for those who cry and those who comfort them.

Light a candle! Three candles will sparkle for all who have to fight.
For justice and freedom. Those who need help from us.
May no one loose their hope before all people are one.
Light a candle for those who fight for freedom and for what is right.

Best wishes from the IPHR team