Key concerns and recommendations on fundamental rights in Ukraine

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Following the Euromaidan Revolution in 2013, Ukraine has undertaken widespread reforms in the areas of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and overall, civil society groups have enjoyed more freedom and been able to expand their activities in the country. Nevertheless, the country is facing ongoing challenges as a direct result of the conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine and Russia-annexed Crimea, including widespread corruption within a political elite reluctant to reform, stigmatisation of marginalised groups, and several instances of direct violence towards journalists or civil society actors. 

This briefing paper was prepared by Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU) and International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR). It provides an overview of current key issues with respect to freedom of association, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression and minority rights In Ukraine. The briefing paper was finalized on 21 January 2019, and covers the major developments in 2018.

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