Appeal to the new authorities of Kyrgyzstan: Work with the international community and local civil society on implementing recommendations of the UN Human Rights Council

Brussels, 6 May 2010. The International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR) calls on the new authorities of Kyrgyzstan to demonstrate their commitment to human rights reform and to move swiftly to implement key recommendations adopted by the UN Human Rights Council. Kyrgyzstan was examined earlier this week under the so-called Universal Periodic Review, which is a mechanism used by the UN Human Rights Council to assess the human rights situation in all UN member states at regular intervals. The human rights record of Kyrgyzstan was scrutinized on the basis of information from Kyrgyz authorities, UN human rights experts, and international and national NGOs, including a coalition of 13 Kyrgyz NGOs that had outlined their concerns and recommendations in a 14-page report submitted in advance (click here for a summary of the report)

During the review, UN member states echoed the concerns of Kyrgyz NGOs with regard to inter alia intimidation and attacks against journalists and human rights defenders, obstacles to the exercise of freedom of assembly, practices of torture and ill-treatment, and violations of the rights of women and children. As an outcome of the review, a report with detailed recommendations was adopted yesterday.*

The recommendations contained in this report include:

  • To ensure that the ongoing constitutional reform provides for comprehensive protection of human rights and to implement key OSCE commitments for democratic elections;
  • To review the compliance of national legislation with the provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights on freedom of expression, association and assembly;
  • To ensure that all journalists and human right defenders can work in safe conditions and that attacks on journalists are thoroughly investigated in a timely manner;
  • To guarantee that participants in peaceful assemblies are free from pressure and are not prosecuted for exercising this right;
  • To establish a system for the independent monitoring of all detention centers and to ensure the prompt, impartial and comprehensive investigation of all complaints concerning torture;
  • To empower women and to take effective measures to deal with forced marriages, bride-kidnapping and domestic violence;
  • To protect children from physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation; and
  • To ensure a prompt and independent investigation regarding the loss of lives resulting from the violence in April this year.

The Kyrgyz interim government endorsed and, thus, undertook to carry out all the recommendations listed above. In view of this, the IPHR appeals to the Kyrgyz government to take prompt and effective measures to follow through on its promises and to work closely together with the international community and Kyrgyz civil society on implementing the recommendations, as well as on elaborating and adopting other reforms needed to ensure improved respect for human rights in the country.

*The report is available at