Launch of the Human Rights Impact Hub and call for applications

International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR) is pleased to announce the launch of the Human Rights Impact Hub. The hub is designed to provide the necessary knowledge, practical skills and legal assistance for human rights practitioners who seek to engage in innovative litigation strategies and explore promising legal instruments aimed at enhancing accountability for human rights violations in the former Soviet Union (FSU) region.

The Human Rights Impact Hub is therefore calling for applications from passionate and action-driven lawyers and human rights defenders from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the South Caucasus and Central Asia. The first training session (online) will be on the topic of universal jurisdiction.

Selected participants will:

  • Receive legal training on one of the hub’s three legal programmes: universal jurisdiction, targeted sanctions, climate justice.
  • Benefit from one-on-one legal assistance and advice by leading experts, based on successful completion of the training and the participant’s presentation of litigation ideas and future legal action plans.
  • Be financially supported on a case-by-case basis to cover legal fees and litigation costs.
  • Join forces, discuss issues and share legal experience with others lawyers and human rights defenders through Virtual Pan- Eurasian Networks.

To be selected as a Human Rights Impact Hub member, applicants should:

  • Possess a strong legal background, experience in litigation and a solid understanding of human rights challenges in the FSU region.
  • Have an interest in exploring alternative accountability instruments aimed at avoiding the shortcomings of conventional legal actions.
  • Enroll in the hub with the objective of designing out-of-the-box legal strategies through universal jurisdiction, targeted sanctions or climate litigation.
  • Working knowledge of English.

The first training session will be held online on the topic of universal jurisdiction, in English language.

For registration please fill out the application form before December 31, 23:59 CET.

In a following stage, trainees will benefit from mentorship, networking opportunities and funding to successfully engage in litigation.

For more information, please visit the website: or check out his brochure.