Meet your defender: human rights defenders share their stories

Human rights concern us all, especially when they are denied. Most of us at some time or another have done (or wish we could do) something to protect them. Therefore, it is no wonder that defending human rights became a full time job for some.

What do human rights defenders do?

Human rights violations take different forms and so does the work to defend them. Human rights defenders respond to the needs of those who have suffered injustices and can no longer count on the state for protection.

However, as much as we like to idealize our work, there are always things we could do better. Although many human rights defenders wish their passion for justice was contagious, the work remains a puzzle for many: the job is often dangerous and complex that it’s hard to explain succinctly.

The “Meet your defender” campaign will tell you about human rights work through the personal stories of people, who have made protecting rights and fighting injustice their life’s work. There is a story behind every report, every advocacy event and every case at a human rights court.

Watch these stories here and ask your questions in the comment sections on You Tube and Facebook or on Twitter using the hashtag #MeetYourDefender.