Patience won’t help, women’s support groups will: Supporting victims of domestic violence in Tajikistan

On the first day of the UN Campaign “16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence” International Partnership for Human Rights and Nazoti-Kudakon are launching an information campaign #НЕТЕРПИНАСИЛИЕ in support of victims of domestic violence and women’s self-help groups that support women and girls to survive their negative experiences and lead a life free from violence.

Every month we will publish the story of a strong woman who helped herself and other women like her cope with trauma and start life anew, free from domestic violence.

Story #1: Kurbonbi Mirzoeva

The first video is about Kurbonbi Mirzoeva and her Durakhshon women’s support group at Doghiston Community level of Shamsiddin Shohin District. Kurbonbi’s team goes door to door to educate villagers about the new law on domestic violence and to show aggressors that the women are not alone and they know their rights. Alongside their awareness-raising work, the group also conducts documentation of domestic violence cases and provides legal advice to women (in their fight for alimony, for example).

Story #2: Davlatmo Mukhshulova

Davlatmo met a lot of women and girls in her village, who were experiencing domestic violence and did not have anywhere to turn for support or advise. To help them, Davlatmo came up with the idea of setting up a sewing class, which also serves as a community space for women, where they can learn, share and discuss. Importantly, girls that have completed sewing classes can now earn a small income and no longer depend on their abusive partners. Davlatmo’s sewing class is also open for young women who do not attend school.

Story #3: Khylolbi Saidova

When Khiyolbi Saidova was a kid, she watched her mother baking bread and helped her to knead the dough. While doing that she mastered national baking skills. To help women in her community, she started a bakery as a social enterprise that employs women who have experienced domestic violence. Without an education or professional skills it’s extremely difficult for women to leave abusive families and start a life on their own. Now they can come to Khiyolbi to learn how to bake and earn a small income.

Story #4: Marvorid’s story

Marvorid is former deputy head of the community for women and family affairs who now works on a voluntary basis. She decided to volunteer after having lost her daughter due to the trauma of domestic violence.

“My heart did not let me leave this place. I did not want to abandon these women. Until my last hours, I want to continue supporting these women…”

Knowing about the crucial work women support groups in Tajikistan play to help the victims of domestic violence we call for your solidarity and support!

You can contribute by simply sharing the information about the campaign. Support in the form of donations or non-financial assistance to these groups is extremely welcome!

Click here to support self-help women’s groups in Tajikistan.

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