Protester’s guide to the freedom of assembly in Georgia 2023

Georgian English

The freedom of assembly and peaceful protest is a fundamental right in a democratic society, which is linked to the freedom of expression and allows persons to assemble, publicly express their opinions and have an impact on the social, economic, or political situation in the country. The exercise of freedom of assembly determines the level of democracy in a State, and its unlawful restriction puts the exercise of other rights at risk.

In order for the effective and lawful exercise of the freedom of assembly to be equally guaranteed for everyone, organizers and participants in the public assembly need to be informed on the essence of the freedom of assembly and demonstration, its scope, and the grounds for restriction.

This guide aims to raise awareness and provide organizers and participants of public assemblies with information regarding formal requirements of the domestic legislation; to inform on relevant practical issues, applicable restrictions, and the ways to protect oneself when special means are used by the police. The guide also addresses the rights and obligations of the Municipalities’ Mayor’s Offices during peaceful public assemblies and demonstrations.

Read the guide in Georgian and in English.