Strengthening the human dimension of climate change in the OSCE’s policy

International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR), Crude Accountability, and the Working Group on Climate Justice of the Civic Solidarity Platform prepared a series of expert recommendations for the OSCE on climate issues from around the OSCE region.

Here we are publishing a policy paper prepared by Noa Roque on strengthening the human dimension of climate change in the OSCE’s policy. 

This publication argues that the OSCE should strengthen its role in addressing climate change by endorsing a cross-dimensional approach to this challenge, as well as integrating human and climate justice considerations to its traditional climate-security work. Along these lines, the OSCE must scale up its climate policy and commitments, strengthen the mandate of its institutions, enlarge its activities beyond the field of climate security, as well as promote and protect environmental and human rights.

Read the full policy paper here.