Together for human rights: 2015 – A year in review

Photo from Ukraine field mission

International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR) is proud to present “Together for Human Rights: 2015 – a Year in Review”, a report which looks at the achievements of IPHR and partners in 2015 in protecting human rights. The report has been designed to provide a colourful and easily-accessible overview of IPHR’s work and activities during the year.

2015 was a challenging year for human rights in the former Soviet Union. Civil society space continued to shrink across many of the countries of this region: over the course of the year, we witnessed the adoption and implementation of legislation that restricts the registration, operation and funding of NGOs; arrests and trials of well-known human rights defenders in retaliation for their work; pressure directed at defence lawyers working on human rights issues; growing threats to the security of human rights defenders; limits on peaceful assembly, and restrictions of the freedom of movement as well as daunting challenges faced by human rights defenders working in conflict zones.

Told through the voices of our staff and testimonies of partners, the report details how we responded to these challenges: by mobilizing solidarity and support on behalf of human rights groups and defenders at risk in target countries, by undertaking monitoring and documentation work, international advocacy initiatives to influence policy processes, and by providing direct emergency assistance to activists at risk and their families.

IPHR Director Brigitte Dufour stated:

Human rights work sometimes feels like pushing against a huge wall which we do not have the power to move. We, human rights defenders, often feel we are coming up short – short of the resources, leverage and support necessary to help the many victims of injustice and abuse.

Yet, our partner testimonies remind us how the work we do is vital to help them stand up for justice and human rights in some of the most oppressive environments.

We have seen in 2015 that by working together in partnership we can surmount some of the greatest obstacles that stand in our way. In 2016 we continue to work with and for those who are persecuted for defending the dignity and rights of others, and to seek ways to cut a new path for human rights in the region.”

We hope you will enjoy looking through and reading the 2015 review of our work.

Download the report here