Working together for human rights: IPHR annual report 2019

Today is a very special day for IPHR. We are happy and excited to present our Annual Report 2019! This day was chosen on purpose, as 2 May 2019 is also the official birthday of International Partnership for Human Rights Tbilisi Office!

This year’s report has a couple of new features we wanted to bring to your attention. It covers IPHR’s activities in 2018 – from human rights defenders support, fieldwork, research, publications to advocacy and networking – and also this time the report includes first hand accounts of memorable moments in 2018, prepared by IPHR team members.

Additionally the document contains some key statistics and highlights, making it easier and (hopefully!) more fun to read.

Finally we would like to thank our partners and our supporters who inspire and motivate us every day! As Natalia Taubina, prominent Russian CSO leader and IPHR board member said:

”I do not want to give up or be deprived of this atmosphere, where I am surrounded by likeminded people with eyes burning with passion and hearts beating for justice.”

Download “Working together for human Rights” IPHR annual report 2019 here.